Saturday, January 1, 2011

Drama in the New Year

I have already gloated about my darling gatinha on this blog before, but 2 cat posts isn't quite enough to propel me into cat lady territory, so I will continue. I may be an absent cat mother, but I am a damn proud one.

You see, I got Gatinha in college and then abandoned her with my friend (her #1 mommy) while livin it up in Brazil. Then I abandoned her again while livin it up in Brazil the second see the pattern.

Fortunately, this holiday season Gatinha and I got some quality mommy (#2) and kitty-daughter time, because mommy #1 couldn't keep her at her parent's dog infested home. Gatinha got to meet her grandparents and sleep in my bed for once.

In fact we got on so well that she climbed 50 feet up a tree in the back yard on the day she was supposed to go back to mommy #1's house. And Gatinha, bless her little heart, is not a climber.

Not only was she completely stuck and terrified, but 4 bully crows were screaming at her and dive bombing her. Well, I did what any mommy would do...snapped some photos! If you look real closely at the photo up top you can see her smack in the middle.

Then I got my ladder out, put on some tree climbing shorts, called my best friend (mommy #1's) firefighter boyfriend and got to work. She survived the ordeal and is now on her way back to mommy #1's house...but not without proving to me how much she loves me!

Happy New Year!

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