Sunday, December 26, 2010

Suck Our Dirty Feet Brazil

While reading a fellow blogger's post, I discovered that on the Stats page, us bloggers can see what type of keywords our readers type in to get to our blogs. I was intrigued by this, and decided to check out my list of reader's keywords.

Unsurprisingly, my blog is very popular for those looking for info on Albino Roaches. Although I didn't think it important before, I should probably clear up now that Albino Roaches (in the technical sense) do not exist. In reality, an "albino" roach is actually a normal roach that has recently molted its dark brown layer. Equally gross in my opinion.

What was a little surprising though, was that readers searching "suck our dirty feet 5brazil" are directed to my blog. Google has taken it upon themselves to make a mash-up of my completely PG blog posts, while manipulating them in a way to make my blog the first thing that comes up when "suck our dirty feet 5brazil" is typed into the search bar.

Check it out: "at a night club at 5 am, changed into our bathing suits....I should justify the dirty feet by saying I had spent all night...but it was important to Namo so I sucked it up."

Hmmm I'm going to keep an eye on this statistic...I don't know how proud I feel about "safadinha", "suck our dirty feet" and "albino roaches" being so closely related to my blog.


  1. I did a post a couple of years ago about a Disney parade in Rio. Who knew? Key words Disney, Mickey and Minney are huge. It has received more than twice the hits of any other post I have done... (it was just a heads-up calendar post!)

    The Google is watching us...

  2. This is absolutely hilarious!
    One could play with words and see what kind of foot traffic google brings you...



  3. When I was writing my Brazil blog, I wrote about the little girl on SBT Maisa farting while she was on a show with Silvio Santos. My blog had several looks for "farting Brazilian".


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