Friday, December 3, 2010

Awww que fofinho!

I think my page needs a little “cute factor” after all of the mutant roach pictures and I’m gonna talk about filhotes. When it comes to pets, I have a slightly traumatic past. Let’s go through the obituaries:

Mickey (cat) – Scratched my cornea as a child , major jealousy issues
Sunshine (bird) – Heart Attack (cat scared her…no joke. This may be a good time to mention that I creeped the shit out of my parents after this death. My forced Sunday school and 4th grade owl pellet lesson plan led to me digging up dead Sunshine multiple times to see if her body went to heaven/to play with her bones. I haven’t grown into a serial killer yet, but then again, I am only 22.)

…back to the obituaries…

Nameless (Guinea Pig) – Decapitation (Sister’s Shar-pei ripped it off)
Milky Way (Cat) – Stomach Tumor (her nickname was “fatass”)
Rambo (Shih-tzu) – Squished by a car on the 4th of July
Cricket (Shih-tzu #2 and Rambo replacement) – Secretly sold by my parents while I was on vacation for a few days. (I hung up on multiple “crazy” people asking about the ad for a puppy in the newspaper before I put 2 and 2 together.)

Then there’s my little Gatinha. She is still alive and well, but probably because she is living with her other mommy. Nonetheless, I feel she deserves an introduction, and with Danielle showing off her Gatinha, I had to give mine some spotlight!

Needless to say, I’m not jumping right into getting my dream puppy, A PUG. Then again, I’ve already lived through eyepatches, heart failure, decapitation, cancer, squishing and betrayal, how much worse could it get?

Luckily for me, I have a saint of a Sogra. It's every child's dream (except my Namo's) to have a parent who impulsively brings home puppies on a regular basis, and that is exactly what she does. When I first met my Namo about 2 years ago, his mom had 2 cats and 1 dog. Now there are 2 cats and 3 dogs!

Meet Luna. She was the ex's dog, but Namo won the custody battle. She has an underbite (the dog, not the ex).

Meet Madonna (or "Safadinha" as she is often called).

And the newest addition, Baby Suzy. She is like a squeaky toy, you squeeze her and she pees, but I still love her!

We won't discuss the two cats, because I have a theory about cats and their connection with the dead, and these two cats are seriously channeling some evil spirits!


  1. I felt like I owed everyone after the traumatizing roach pictures.

    I'm pretty sure portuguese has no repeated consonants like that, except S and R. At least not that I can think of...

  2. That boy is CUTE!! Oh, yeah, the puppy... cute too. LOL!

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  4. Hey! I'm new to blogging and found your blog through Danielle's. This might sound crazy (especially considering I'm new!) BUT do you seriously think cats have a connection with the dead?! YIKES. Ever since moving far away from home with my husband, my cat has been freaking me out in that way. Maybe this is just confirmation that I'm truly not crazy like he thinks!

  5. I seriously do. There was a spot in my old house, where my cat would just sit a few inches from a wall and stare with her hair raised up. It was seriously creepy.
    I also saw a documentary on TV once about how people often notice their pets acting differently before they start noticing paranormal activity in their homes. I think cats are more perceptive than dogs though, for sure.

  6. Freaky. I saw something like that as well, but it was affecting rabbits in someone's home! According to the show, the rabbits ended up dying because of the paranormal activity. When my husband and I first moved here we were living temporarily in an apartment. I hated that apartment from the second we stepped foot in it. Long story short, my cat would run across it and attack the sides of the doors. I know, cats always do that but it was just strange! Then, after a few weeks of living there the man who lived above us passed away after a few strange things happened. Maybe I should write a blog about that. It still creeps me out. I'm thankful we don't live there anymore, but now the new place is starting to scare me...especially after a stray black cat showed up.


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