Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So a couple days ago I wrote a "Translators Beware" post about an employer who never paid me for a completed translation. A few amazing bloggers, Rachel and "Ray", helped out by reposting it on their sites.

Well, either the three angry blog posts coming up on her google search, or my many angry emails did the trick, and I have been paid. I have decided to take down my post because there is really no way for me to know whether or not it is true that she "didn't receive any of my past emails".

Thanks for the support either way! Freelance jobs can be stressful!


  1. Nancy,

    It pays to be united, I am telling you, those Google search results can be powerful!
    I will remove my posting too!

    Take care


  2. United we stand - now in the bank line, thankfully.

  3. I'm glad to hear you have been paid. Blogging seems to be a very powerful thing.


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