Friday, October 22, 2010

Bad-Voodoo-Be-Gone Purse Hangers

My Namo’s mother has quite a few theories about Bad Voodoo. Okay, so she never refers to it as bad voodoo, but the theories are so wild, that voodoo is the best explanation. Basically (as almost every ex-pat in brazil blogger has mentioned), Brazilian mothers think they are doctors.

My sogra thinks she is a voodoo doctor.

“Ayyyy Nancy! Don’t walk in the house with your shoes off, its bad for your stomach”.

“Nossa! Don’t leave your purse on the ground, it will pick up bad energy and you will carry it around with you all day.”

“Meu Deus, Don’t put your purse on the bed! You don’t want bad energy from the street on your bed”

…and the list goes on.

I brushed this off as her crazy voodoo theories until I received an in-house email from my work:

“Ladies and Gentlemen: Do not leave your purses or backpacks on the table, on the ground, or hanging over your chair”

…uhhhh should I hang it from the ceiling?

Luckily, in my office I have a little Ottoman that isn’t classified as a table or the ground. Score! But it did leave me wondering what all the others would do. That is when I discovered this genius invention. I have never seen one in the US, but maybe just because I have never needed one.

In Portuguese it is refered to as a “Gancho para pendurar a bolsa”, but maybe it has a more slangy name. It comes in many styles from industrial metal (for the men) and blinged out (for the women). I've heard you can get them in most lojas americans or mercado livre.

They look pretty handy. I've even seen women whip them out of their purse and use them at botecos. Have any of you seen these before in the US/Canada or whichever country you are from?


  1. Yes, we have them here in Australia in every bag shop. Very common. :)

  2. I might be too late for this, but I've seen those at Macy's (super expensive) and at Marshall's (super cheap left over from Macy's. They are fancier (lots of fake diamonds) than the Brazilian type too.


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