Monday, October 25, 2010

Shout Out!

I just wanted to take a minute to send a shoutout to my secret lover Cajuzinho!

Ugly to look at,
Poop with a peanut inside,
My sugary bliss.

First, give me a break, it was my first haiku. I literally searched ehow to learn the syllable count, then sat here clapping out "poop-with-a-pea-nut-in-side".

If you have never eaten a cajuzinho (and you don't have a nut allergy), stop by any padaria and they should have them. They are wonderful. I think they're made with condensed milk, chocolate, peanuts and a shit ton o' sugar. What confuses me though, is if the little nut sticking out is a peanut or a cashew? I would assume cashew because of the name, but some recipes say it is a peanut. Does anybody know?


  1. Leite ninho balls??? No!!! I googled some pictures and they look glorious. Are they like biscoito de nata? I'm having a serious love affair with treats here, it's getting out of control.
    Brigadeiro mmmmm, or as I like to call "ball of frosting covered in sprinkles".

  2. It's a peanut. The name only refers to the shape of the sweet!

    Leite ninho balls are super easy to make... just mix leite ninho with condensed milk! Then you can roll them into whatever cover you like!

  3. That Haiku was the most beautiful haiku I've read in a very long time. And I never read haikus. :)

    Totally thought it was actual poop with a peanut at the bakery so thanks for trying it first and confirming that it was chocolate, not poop.


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