Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Make it a Combo!

Brazilians seem to have a knack for creating odd combinations and making them work.

Hamburgers and fried eggs,
Coca Cola and red wine (or is that just my sogra?)
Catholicism and Creu-ing

However, my ultimate, all-time favorite Brazilian combination is super nice work suits and crappy ol' Jansport backpacks. Okay, well maybe they're not crappy because backpacks in Brazil cost almost as much as cars, but still...

Seeing a nicely groomed Brazilian business man walking to work with his shirt tucked in, jacket ironed, shoes shined, and a brand new first-day-of-2nd-grade backpack just makes my day, everyday! Whoever decided using a briefcase was a better idea than a backpack anyways? Backpacks are a way more convenient place for a 30 year old man's mother to pack their homemade sack lunches and breast milk! I kid...not all Brazilian men still breast feed. (i'm only hating because i'm jealous)

Alright, all joking aside. I like the backpack/suit combination. I think it's cute. What do you guys think about grown men sporting backpacks to work?

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