Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carioca Gym Fashion

After putting it off for the past year (yes...year) I think it is finally time to join the gym. My decision was made easier by the fact that there is a gym in my building, so I don't even have to go outside to get there. Unfortunately for me, that means no excuses when it's raining.
Starting at a new gym can be kind of awkward. I always go into it with a game plan. Enter. Go straight to the treadmill/elliptical. Scope out the other machines while I'm running in order to figure out where I want to go next. However, I have absolutely no endurance, so I begin to panic after about 5 minutes because I haven't yet decided where to go.

All of this and I worked at a 24hour fitness for a year.

Now, my biggest predicament isn't figuring out what machines to use (because anyone who has ever stepped foot in a brazilian gym or clothing store knows that they are overemployed to the point of being intimidating "pois não senhora" "pois não moça" "pois não querida"...)

No no no, my biggest problem is the unbelievable Carioca gym fashion. I once had a Brazilian Teacher (Roberto DaMatta, famous Brazilian Anthropologist and prof at PUC) tell me that American women are more oppressed by mochismo than we realize...just look at what we wear to the gym and the office, men's clothes.

My wearing "men's clothes" to the gym is not because I think it is an inherintly manly place and I want to fit in. I am at the gym because I feel like a fat ass (in a bad way, not a brazilian way) and I don't want my junk hanging out all over the place in front of the fitties coming out of spin class.

In addition to not wanting to wear a backless, skin tight body suit with cutouts down the legs, I do not want to wear those ridiculous socks! Brazilians can rationalize it all they want, but they are straight fugly!

So what do I do? Suck it up and wear the socks because I already stand out like a sore thumb? Or let my inner man free?
What do you all wear to the gym?


  1. BAAAHAHAHA. Hahahaha. Those socks are straight fugly. They could also dump their swirly bicycle shorts. Not a fan.

  2. OMG, you got a picture of a unitard! I wrote three posts about joining a new gym in Vitoria. The last one was entirely devoted to the dress code i.e. unitards, makeup and accessories. But I couldn't bring myself to sneak my camera in and get a picture.

    I've seen a lot of unitards at this point, and the one you've posted is a classic. The bright color, the cutouts and cleavage busting out really make this the quintessential Brazilian workout attire. Great post!

  3. haha oh yeah and to top it off, my boyfriend tells me that shorts are too sexy to wear to the gym.....uhhhhh have you seen the tits hanging out of that girls unitard, because I have, which means you definitely have!

  4. I don't. And when I 'caminhar' I do it like 'a dude' I guess lol

  5. I have maybe 4 t-shirts that I rotate, along with three pairs of workout pants. I stick out like a sore thumb among the 50 year olds in their cutout, leopard print unitards. I plan on getting something a bit more "fashion" when I go back to the States; I refuse to pay Rio prices for workout gear. If I'm going to drop that much cash, I want to wear it to dinner, not to sweat in!

    I have to confess that when I first came to Ireland, I went to the GYM with my husband and I have to say, It was sooo so embarrassing !
    I had no clue how people could work out with so many clothes, but now I feel very unconfortable if I wear some sort of sexy Gym Clothes especially ones from GAROTA CARIOCA.
    Maybe I'm already Irish...

  7. Sorry for the stupid question, but what is a unitard?
    Just trying to catch the joke on it... LOL


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