Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Calling all Mexicans!

Alright, the Mexican food situation in Rio is getting desperate. Can somebody please just drive their taco truck cross-country, through Colombia and down to Rio? I don’t have a car, I’ll give you my parking spot below my apartment. Okay, so I don’t have a parking spot, but I’ll buy you one!

Thanks to jims post about huevos rancheros I am drooling in my sleep while I dream of spicy black bean salsa and fajitas....mmmmmmmmm

I lived off of Mexican food growing up in Southern California. Food from the taco truck was pretty much all I could afford on my unemployed income (ie. change found under the couch)

It is a tough reality to accept that I cannot afford Mexican food in Rio, but its true. The few Mexican restaurants I have come across earn a measly 2-3 stars in my book and are severely, inappropriately, sinfully and devastatingly overpriced.

If I had had had to choose my favorite, it would be Mizu.

The only real reason I like it is because it is Rodizio (all you can eat) Mexican food and Sushi. Who thought of that combo, I have no idea, but the logo is great. The sushi is average/good, but the Mexican food is downright hilarious.

Here are my tips on how to read the menu if you ever decide to check it out:

Tostadas = Taquitos
Tortilla chips = Doritos (sometimes)
Nachos = Doritos covered in movie theater cheese
Burritos = skinny soft-shelled taquitos
Mashed Potatoes = Mashed Potatoes at a Mexican restaurant.

And the big-daddy 5-star winner:

French fry and Sausage Burrito!!!! Mmmmmm!

My desperation is evident in the fact that THIS is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Rio.

***Warning: Do not google Mexican food!!! You will regret it!!!***


  1. I usually make my own fake Mexican at home. I've yet to go out for Mexican here (our plans were derailed because it was a side-by-side with a rodizio de sushi and my BIL wanted sushi)...I miss good Mexican food too, I lived in Texas for 5 years so was spoiled on the Tex-Mex.

  2. I will definitely have to pick up some Mexican food supplies when I head home in December, like taco seasoning mmmmm.

    And thanks for the suggestion, I fixed it. I've kind of been messing around with the whole set up and design and everything because ive never done this before, so helpful suggestions are very very welcome...I want to satisfy my laziest and pickiest readers too!

  3. That Mizu logo is one of a hundred examples of how the whole politically correct thing that has long since taken hold in the US just simply does not occur to many folks here. Degrading stereotypes abound.

    Quite the conversation starter when my US friends come to visit.

    I've located a corn tortilla supplier in Rio, but you have to buy a huge case of hundreds of tortillas at a time... still working on it!

  4. I say we throw a huge expat party at Jim's with no not American food, Mexican....LOL!

  5. hahaha I love it! And by "throw a huge expat party at jim's" you mean, "Jim cooks us Mexican food", right? Because if so, i'm in!

  6. Open a Taco Bell or invite some Mexicans expats (seriously that word is becoming so trendy now instead of using immigrant) who can make better Mexican food than people from South California. Real Mexican food you get only in Mexico.

    TCM, since 2001 I live in Miami-Florida. Please tell me what is real "American" food. It's very difficult to understand if I don't count hamburgers (not invented by americans in the Americas), hotdogs (same story, all from Europe), and apple pie (So Dutch, as I am). For real American food I can perhaps mention BBQ, though Brazilian version beats it (other kind of American food but south of this hemispheer :D)...is southern food from the US also good? If that's the case, you can go to Americana-SP, where you find Brazilians descendent of the largest ex confederate community outside the US. Did you folks know that? Or is that still not "mainstream american food".

  7. I think in trying to define American food, you're forgetting the basis of what "Americans" are. America is a melting pot built on immigrant populations from all over europe, south america, mexico, among others. To me, "American food" is what I (an American) grew up eating and loving, regardless of its place of origin. The same way that a family can immigrate to America, live here for many generations and be considered "American" (to some extent, but I'm not going to get into that right now).
    Also, as a side note, I have probably eaten at taco bell once in my life...this is not the "mexican food" i'm referring to. And having been to Mexico, I can confidently confirm that many of the taquerias in Southern California are authentic Mexican food, owned by Mexican family, run by Mexican cooks...no taco bell-quality "burritos".


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